The live feed has had a major makeover

22 July

The live feed has had a major makeover

We’ve just made it easier to amplify content before, during and after an event with our latest updates to the live feed.

The live feed curates the key moments from an event, transforming it into an online destination for audiences to explore the event both live and on-demand.

It serves a clear purpose during the live broadcast - it’s the place where you watch live and interact through Q&A or polls. Now it works harder for event planners before and after event day - increasing the time audiences spend exploring related content and insight.

Even an extra couple of minutes that an audience member spends scrolling through a richly populated live feed is a boost to live viewing metrics.

The live feed is a major asset for sponsored events, allowing planners to boost the visibility of sponsor speakers and resources, and position them as thought leaders on the subject matter. In combination with video indexing for on-demand playback of a session, the live feed becomes an important destination to give sponsors a second hit of visibility.

What’s in the update?

The live feed moderation page (found in Event > Engagement > Feed) features the following improvements that allow you to publish:

  • Speaker quotes - easily curate the top takeaways from your event by attributing quotes to speakers.
  • Post content - promote articles, downloads, videos or events to keep audiences hooked and share resources.
  • Add commentary - write explainers about the resources you share by posting with additional commentary.
  • Social conversation - publish social media posts that are mentioning your event.
  • Post anonymously - administrators can show or hide their profile when posting a message to the live feed.
  • Publish graphics - give brand visibility by publishing in-feed graphics, such as sponsor promotions.

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