Check-in app launches for event organisers

1 July

Check-in app launches for event organisers

Our first mobile app extends our engagement reporting to in-person events. 

We are proud to announce the release of our first mobile app for event organisers.

The app, which is available in Apple and Android appstores, allows event organisers to register, edit and check-in event attendees at the point of registration. The app syncs with our engagement report to give a full picture on audience engagement in-person, online and on-demand.

Designed with event organisers in mind, the mobile app displays all events hosted on a Papillon hub that have Event Check-in enabled.

Live registrations are updated in real-time, meaning the app always has the latest available attendee list. It also has an offline sync mode, which keeps it working in areas of patchy wifi coverage.

Attendees can be checked-in using a QR code scanner, typing their name or simply scrolling the list. Intuitive and easy-to-use, the app is suitable for operation by temporary event registration staff with minimal training.

Registration is supported within the app, meaning any name changes or walk-ins can be added with ease. 

Updates to registrants is also a breeze. Attendee information can be edited and saved within the app. 

Why did we do this?

In a world of hybrid events, an audience can attend in-person or remotely and possibly both. Having a unified view of an audience gives planners an advantage, allowing them to instantly analyse performance, report to stakeholders and take informed decisions. 

Procuring different systems that handle specific parts of the event process - such as registration, check-in, badge printing, live streaming and on-demand publishing - require complex integrations, increase costs and slow down decision making. A unified solution saves time, with no switching needed between different systems or manual number-crunching in spreadsheets.

Whether events are happening in-person, remote or on-demand, our mobile app further extends Wavecast solutions into the event management ecosystem.

To discuss how we can help give a unified view of your event audience, get in touch today.