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Case Study: C&IT Insight

Conference & Incentive Travel (C&IT) launched an insights platform powered by Wavecast’s live content and digital publishing system. 

The hub is a source of creative firepower for event industry professionals. 

As the go-to knowledge hub, C&IT Insight gives its members access to highly relevant industry-leading webinars, expert reports, surveys and bespoke events, drawing on insights from expert contributors and in-depth industry research.

C&IT Insight relies on Wavecast’s ability to support membership business models through a combination of account creation, user profiling and communications. 

In addition to the latest content, the C&IT Insight hub created by Wavecast supports advertising.

C&IT Insight hosts webinars alongside insight content to create a unified experience for visitors. 

Partner content features alongside editorial, podcasts, video, events and reports. 

Visit C&IT Insight to explore all the features available on the site.

Matt Robinson Head of Strategy Wavecast Bio