Broadcast live events on your own website

19 July

Broadcast live events on your own website

This latest update supports clients that want to livestream events with Q&A and polling through their existing website. 

We’ve just made it possible to run an online event through your own website using Wavecast live content and engagement features. 

New functionality is available for organisations that want to offer a native digital experience for their live events.

This latest release allows you to embed a live video player with polls and Q&A into any webpage.

No coding is required, as we supply embed codes for each of the components. We will also support you in the publishing of a page and running tests before the live event.

This update further extends Wavecast solutions into the publishing ecosystem. It is compatible with many content management systems, including Wordpress, Drupal, Webflow or Squarespace as well as any custom CMS that supports iFrames.

What’s in the update?

In this latest release, the following components can be embedded to a webpage:

  • Live player - HD video player where broadcast footage is streamed.
  • Polls - capture votes and display results to audience members.
  • Q&A - send questions to the speakers and post comments about the content.
  • Live feed - curated event timeline to allow audiences to keep track of poll results, questions and comments.

Why did we do this?

As online events become more influential in the marketing mix, content teams are looking for ways they can be delivered as a native user experience. Asking your subscribers, members or users to fill in a registration form for every live event creates audience fatigue and risks lower attendance rates.

Why not run it through your current website? Well, when it comes to finding a platform that works with your content management system, things become more challenging.

Many leading content management systems do not offer combined livestreaming and audience engagement as a native package of features, except Papillon.

Comparison of CMS platforms with native or integrated online event features (video livestream, Q&A and polls). 


No enterprise-grade webcasting plugins.

Video streaming only, via Brightcove. 

No enterprise-grade webcasting plugins.

No enterprise-grade webcasting plugins.

Headless CMS with live broadcast, publishing, audience targeting and event management. 

This leaves content teams having to rely on unstable plug-ins, which cause compatibility issues, require technical know-how and need thorough testing. The result is having to compromise on the features that can be supported within your own website and a disappointing user experience.

Papillon, our content management system, is up to the task. Our enterprise publishing platform combines live broadcast, publishing, audience targeting and event management all under one roof.

We’ve used our product experience from creating Papillon to make live event capabilities available as embeddable iFrames on third-party CMS - further extending Wavecast solutions into the digital publishing ecosystem.

Do you wish your content management system could support live events? Contact us today.